Hey Everyone!!

   Sorry for the delay in the blogs.. it has been pretty hectic for each and every member of The Fault Line.  Here is a little update on what is going on…

~All 4 of us have been writing as much as possible in preparation for recording a new album of all original music!   Three original songs are already being performed in our set and more are on their way!

~ We will be performing for 2 DAYS only at Sea World in San Antonio for the 4th of July Weekend!!!  We are very excited about this as it will be our first time in Texas!

~  We recently had our 1st ever show in the Albany Area, at Northern Lights in Clifton Park, NY and it was very successful.  We created a new fan base, as well as made new friends with some awesome bands.   Be sure to check out Capital Order and Between Now & Forever on MySpace.  Both bands were amazing!  The performance also helped get us known on the club circuit here in the Albany area.  Be on the lookout for us possibly opening for your favorite rock band soon!

~ Speaking of upcoming performances in Albany, The Fault Line will be performing in a contest with a chance to perform at the Annual Freihofers Run in the Empire State Plaza!  More details to come soon!

~  We have received this message from Sahaj, lead singer of the band Ra, the band who originally performs “Sky”  

         I love it! you have quite a strong voice and i’m honored to have a version of one of our favs sound so good.

Needless to say… we were very excited about this.  Also, there is the possibility of a collaboration with The Fault Line, Sahaj, N8 Bailey, and Eddie Sloan from Crossfade in the works.  We will keep you updated!

~ JUNKIN EM UP IS NOW FOR SALE ONLINE!!! You can purchase off of our website at www.rockthefaultline.com  Junkin Em Up will soon be available on all online digital distributors such as ITunes, Rhapsody, etc…

~ We have been receiving radio airplay in the Albany Area and we would like to get our name out there even more! Be sure to call you local rock stations and tell them about The Fault Line. Mention our website, mention our music, MENTION THIS BLOG!  Anything to get The Fault Line heard!

I will be back soon to give another update! 
So until then…


TFL March Review…

March 24, 2008

Hey Everyone!

Time for an update!   The Fault Line has had some exciting things happen in the past few weeks.  First of all, we have a new member! The Fault Line welcomes back an old friend, J. Thomas Cashdollar Morris to the lineup.  He is our new high tenor and brings a heavy rock sound to the group.  Let me assure you that his voice is unparallelled and we are certainly lucky to have him as a part of The Fault Line.  The Fault Line recently performed with instruments for the first time ever! (weird right???).  We were asked to premiere a performance of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”, an arrangement for Vocal Rock Band (thats us… hehe), Orchestra, and Chorus.  The performance was with a phenomenal orchestra, The One World Symphony, out of New York City.  They are an amazing group of musicians who have taken orchestral programming outside the box.  Please check them out at www.oneworldsymphony.org .

We also recently performed at the Ny Regional Harmony Sweepstakes Competition. Last year, we took home Audience Favorite and 1st place.  This year, rules stated that the winners could not perform the following year, but we were able to host the show!! We had a great time meeting many old friends from last year, as well making some new ones!  The group premiered our renditions of “In The Air Tonight” and “Bulls on Parade/Killing in the Name”.  We had new fans coming up to us commending us on our innovative thinking in the a cappella community.  We hope to show the rest of the entertainment world what we are capable of doing pretty soon!

 Til Next Time,


What a wonderful evening!  We filled the Leedy Theatre at Lebanon Valley College to full capacity and had such a wonderful time.  We had a special treat this evening.  We brought along a friend of ours, some of you may know him from the Sons of Pitches days… Tommy Morris.  Tommy came up with us and performed a solo… the TFL primiere performance of “From Yesterday”, originally by 30 Seconds to Mars. He brought so much power to the song and the crowd was in awe at the end of it.  We even had him come up to perform Some Kind of Wonderful at the end of the show.  I will not lie ladies and gentlemen… the show was amazing… but my favorite part had to be getting SONIC afterwards!!!! I have never eaten Sonic before… and it was well deserved… honestly… I felt like a 5 year old at Toys R Us… and it was pretty comical because we got there 8 minutes before they closed… and ordered $33 worth of food… oops… haha.  Anywho, the group does not have another performance until mid-February, but until then we are writing new originals and preparing new songs to perform for all of you.

 Just a reminder, join our mailing list.  Email tflmailinglist@yahoo.com with your name, birthday, and where you are located and we will keep you updated on many happenings with The Fault Line.

Til next time!


Ahhh.. our first show of 2008!  And what a way to start it off!  We spent our whole day at Rhinebeck High School working with some amazing students.  We had the priviledge of working with the womens choir, mens choir, and mixed choir.  We had the women’s choir (which we decided to call WNB, for “we’re not Britney”) perform “It’s My Party” with the addition of some vocal percussion by Paige!!! Great Job Paige! We also had the mens choir, known as “The Piano Movers”, perform “Change The World” by Eric Clapton, also with some added vocal percussion.  Their teacher, Ms. Lalicki was so excited, that she is ready to implement more vocal percussion in their songs, especially for their own concert next week!

The night was simply amazing, it was a great way to start off 2008.  On a side note, The Fault Line has just been accepted as a TOP PRIORITY SHOWCASE act for the National Association of Campus Activities (NACA) Conference in the Midwest this coming April.  Many submitted and few were chosen, and we were one of those lucky few.  The conference has close to 200 colleges and universities from the midwest attend. We will perform for all of them… and possibly walk away with close to 40 new shows set up for the Fall and Spring!  The Fault Line is returning to the Midwest!!!!

 Next Stop… Lebanon Valley College in PA. See You Then!


2007 Year in Review…

January 1, 2008

Hey Everyone!

It is time for The Fault Line’s 2007 Year in Review.  And 2007 truly was a year to remember.  The group went through some great times, as well as some rough patches, but all in all, 2007 brought The Fault Line to new heights.

The beginning of 2007 had us waiting and waiting for a repsonse from NBC involving America’s Got Talent.  Shows were starting to get slim and the group was actually looking at the possibility of calling everything off and going our separate ways.  Matt and I were going to go back to teaching, Jeff was looking into auditioning for Broadway, Josh was getting more involved with his own music, and Adam had an opportunity to be the lead singer of another band.  We all had different opportunities to move on with, but then… we got that call…

America’s Got Talent Top 20… bam… we decided to put all of our focus on winning Americas Got Talent. And even though we did not win, many things came from the experience. We met some pretty well known people, such as Sharon Osbourne, Jerry Springer, and some of Simon Cowell’s executives.  Such an amazing experience.

 After the show however, the group parted ways with Josh.  We still wish him the best in everything he is doing! But in return, we picked up our own sound guy, Alex.  Alex helped turn the 4 of us into the rock band without instruments that we have been striving to be since our beginning in 2006.  Adding new elements and hashing out new songs, The Fault Line was ready to take a cappella to new heights.

Our college season picked up because of AGT and some other opportunities came along as well. The Dutton Family, who made it to the Top 10 on America’s Got Talent, invited us to be a part of a show they were producing at their theatre in Branson, MO.  It was called “The Finalist’s Show: Featuring the Top 10 finalists from America’s Got Talent”.  It was truly an honor.  The Duttons invited us and Johnny Lonestar as the only acts that did not make the top 10 to be a part of the show!  Shiela Dutton and the rest of the Dutton Family showed us true hospitality and gave us an opportunity that we never thought we would have.  Be sure to check The Duttons out at www.theduttons.com .   After spending a week in Branson, and performing for many people, The Fault Line had some offers to come back to Branson!!! We will see if they pan out in 2008!

October came along and it truly was our busiest month.  In October of 2006, TFL only had 6 shows in 31 days. In October of 2007, we saw that reverse… 25 shows in 31 days… only 6 DAYS OFF!!! In that time, we traveled to the midwest for the 1st time!! Hitting Jeff’s home state of Minnesota, as well as Ohio, Iowa, and Montana.  To this date, The Fault Line has now performed in 15 states! We are hoping to make that a larger number this year, as well as going INTERNATIONAL!!!

Overall, 2007 was a good year for The Fault Line. Some things to look out for in 2008… Our FULL ALBUM RELEASE of “Junkin’ Em Up”, keep checking out our website for news and updates! NEW MERCHANDISE will be up on the website soon.  MORE SHOWS!! Thats right… if you want us to come perform for you, contact our manager at pat@rockthefaultline.com .

 Before I go, I do want to wish our sound guy Alex, safe travels.  Alex will be leaving us to go out and experience Europe.  We thank you for all of your help, and allowing us to branch out even further than we imagined.  We wish you the best in Europe, and if you ever get the urge… bring us out there… haha!

 Thank you to all of you, our fans, for making 2007 a great year! Help us make 2008 an even greater year. 

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 Thank you again everyone!
Justin Adams
The Fault Line

December in Review…

December 24, 2007

Hey everyone!!

I know it has been a while since my last post, and I do apologize for that… So let us look at our December review.

The group started the month performing at the A cappella Innovations Conference in Albany, NY, performing in front of numberous college a cappella groups as well as some big names in television and the a cappella industry.  It was a great experience.

Next stop was Elmira College.  A great time for all of us… we were able to bring out our holiday repertoire and everyone loved it! The banana train… one crazy train that night! haha.

The following week was a corporate party for Adam’s mother.  She joined us on stage for a beautiful jazz rendition of Silent Night.  Adam’s mother Judy has such a beautiful voice, and her colleagues agreed.  The best part of the evening had to be the outfits we all wore.  We decided to buy tacky holiday clothes for the show. Jeff bought a snowman sweatshirt, Matt bought a green T shirt with a huge picture of Santa on it… however… Santa looked like Jerry Garcia… haha!  Adam bought a sweatshirt of cows kissing under mistletoe… weird… And I bought a zip up sweater that an 11 year old girl should be wearing (literally.. it was a size 14/16 for young girls…).  Wonderful times!

Our final show of 2007 was at the Corning Museum of Glass! And the crowd was AMAZING!!! We did workshops and an assembly at Northside Blodgett Middle School in Corning, and the students loved it. CMoG was a wonderful venue for The Fault Line to perform in.  It was also a special night for all of us. It was the official 2 year anniversary of Matt Olmstead joining our family (including Sons of Pitches), as well as a special pre release of our newest CD, Junkin em Up. 

 A wonderful 2007 came and went, and a more exciting 2008 is in store!!!

Stay tuned for my Year in Review!

Happy Holidays!


All I can say is… what a wonderful weekend.  The Fault Line had the priveledge to work and perform with such AMAZING high school talent.  No words can express how hard the students of Fairmont-Kettering High schools a cappella groups put into their performance this weekend.  Each one of was absolutely amazed by the groups who performed.  First off, a group 8th graders from the local middle school wowed us with their rendition of Under The Boardwalk.  On a side note, these students formed this group 2 weeks ago and only had 2 rehearsals to learn this song!!! Next up was a group from the neighboring high school, Centerville.  They did a nice job, including a beautiful rendition of Ain’t No Sunshine.  Following them was the group, Fusion.  Fusion is one of 2 a cappella groups at FHS.  Wowing the crowd with enthusiasm, these kids knew how to entertain a crowd. Finally, before intermission, one of the top high school a cappella groups (in my opinion) in the country, Eleventh Hour.  A well established group who has already received numerous awards for their efforts, took the stage and received a standing ovation for their hard work. An amazing first half.

The second half featured these 4 guys from NY… you may have heard of them… The Fault Line.  The energy from the audience certainly did not die, and the Banana Train, was the largest I have ever seen!  People were coming up to us after the show, telling us it brought them back to when they were young and saw *insert classic rock band here*. Huge compliments comparing us to Peter Frampton and Led Zeppelin, truly a wonderful evening for everyone.

The midwest tour brought several memories for The Fault Line.  To this date, in our less than 2 year existence, The Fault Line has already performed in 13 states and travelled through 17 states.  For a group that has been together less than 2 years, we consider that quite an accomplishment, and we hope to expand that in the upcoming new year.  Thank you fans, ols and new, for letting The Fault Line become part of your lives, and giving us the opportunity to share our talents with you.

 Justin Adams

The Fault Line

Last show in Iowa, a great one! An awesome evening at Central College in Pella.  A nice intimate setting, with a wonderful audience.  Our trip to the midwest has been a rewarding one,  as we have been able to make new fans across the country.  We hope to be back visiting these schools again in the near future!

 Special part of the evening, one of Jeff’s friends came to see us perform, however arrived a bit late.  But he did end up hanging out after the show.  He almost looks like Ben Folds, and we decided to play a joke on an unsuspecting audience member, who just so happened to be a Ben Folds fan… needless to say, the girl was timid at first, but at times, she thought we were truly serious and it almost came to the point where she was thinking of asking for an autograph.

Next stop, 9 hour drive to Ohio, for an amazing a cappella weekend with Fusion and Eleventh Hour, two stellar high school groups from Kettering-Fairmont High School.


Amazing venue, amazing show… what more can I say?  Performing at the same college as some great acts like Dave Matthews, The Violent Femmes, Ben Harper and Jack Johnson, and the Indigo Girls, it truly was a night to remember.  The venue filled well before 9pm and the opening act, Undeclared, put on a wonderful performance. 

The show went great for us, getting many people involved in the Banana Train, as well as getting them to do the world famous keypad dance during Broadway.  Such an enthusiastic crowd in Decorah, IA.  We truly look forward to coming back and performing here again.

 Next stop, our last stop in Iowa, Central College.  Til then!


Day 2 in Iowa… just as good as the first!

We were asked to do a little TFL teaser today at noon, and it was a great time… Marshalltown CC is mainly a commuter school, and after talking to some of the students, we found out that some of them drive almost 2 hours to get to school every day! For those who were able to see us during our little concert this afternoon, we hoped you enjoyed it! It was a blast for all of us… especially with the Thanksgiving Turkey Lunch being offered!!!

Our evening concert went just as well, with some of those students coming back.  It was also nice to see some of the administration at our show, made for a great evening.  (We even found out one student called in sick to come see us perform… so… Mr. Manager at such and such job… so and so is sorry they did not come into work today… and we have a note if needed…)  Buried Myself Alive went well again… and Every Little Thing is starting to finally morph into its own… and that makes me happy.

Tomorrow night… a special night for me.  I am a huge Dave Matthews Band fan, and one of the first cd’s I ever purchased… was Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds, Live at Luther College.  Tomorrow night, The Fault Line takes that same stage at Luther College. As silly as it sounds, I feel pretty emotional about it… knowing one of my idols graced the same stage when he was on the rise in the music industry.

 Til Then!



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